Friday, May 8, 2020

A Wanted Change

God is going to fight your battles!!!
She was tired, wounded & had enough
He wanted a change, this pandemic had become enough
How could these two mend the wounds that this troubling time had caused them?
Well do not fear- God will fight for you! He will save your family ! He will save you.

The trying times that you are enduring, you will never have to endure them again
Know that God is on your side forever. Remember, we walk by FAITH & not by sight- so you can’t
go by what you feel. Not by what you see, or even what you hear— the five senses won’t help you here ! You must trust in The Lord with all your heart and NOT LEAN ON your own understanding.
When things don’t make sense that’s when I find that God is most at work in our lives.
Jesus makes the impossible possible, and I think it’s better that way because all the Glory and
honor due to Him can fully go to him, and not our vain and small human logic.
So you may be facing a crisis in your life right now that is so big, so daunting
you may feel that hope will never come. But I assure you, Jesus is the joy and light of your salvation,
He will surely come through for you. Not only that, He will fulfill your wildest dreams.
I know it doesn’t  make sense & you want to throw in the towel, but now is not the time to give up!

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