Tuesday, September 8, 2020

This Will Make Your Day

Please enjoy these wonderful poems by Brandi Battle. 

It’s Sweet Jesus to the Rescue 

He is definitely like superman in so many amazing and glorious ways. Nothing has escaped His attention at all and He knows everything that we are going through for His sake physically and spiritually. Because no matter what happens in this life He will always be sweet Jesus to the rescue. 


Let’s Make a Heavenly Declaration 

The one above is giving you and I the cue like somebody stirring up a divine barbecue. Whatever we need from God Almighty we can decree it so that His words and our words can be established. We are going to release that faith no matter what the enemy brings our way. So why not make a heavenly declaration to change those present circumstances in advance.


To contact Brandi - PoeticBrandi@outlook.com

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