Monday, May 10, 2021

How to Level Up Your Life



    We all get to that certain point in our life where want a change. I am in my late twenties and I am at the point were I am ready and planning for change in my life. Whether it's upgrading my skin care routine by investing in professional facials, changing my eating habits, or making sure my mental health is a priority, there are so many ways to upgrade your life.

 I've had my car (who I named Patrick) since 2012. It is a super reliable car but it is a coup sports car. As I prepare for my next phase of my life I would love an SUV and to be a home owner. I am planning, researching and investing in order to make those purchases comfortably . You may be wanting to move to a new city, apply for a new job, or even get ready to make the move of buying a new home. God wants great things for us and we can move on to bigger and better things by planning, saving, and putting your money where it matters. Scripture tells us to be wise with our money so we can build toward our goals. We can enjoy life but if we want to make a major change that requires finances to obtain that goal, there are some things we are going to have to sacrifice, like maybe making your own coffee at home instead of spending $40 a week on your coffee at a popular chain.

Remember, sacrifice is temporary, but the reward will be great. 

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I have ADHD so my mind is always racing for the new thing. When I go in stores and see the newest shoe or outfit, I think I need it, even though I still have clothes I just bought with tags. In order to stay in my budget and save I have a time frame on when I can shop and how much I can spend. It keeps my mind at peace while also keeping me aligned with my financial goals. I am looking to buy a house within the next year or two, and I want to make sure I am being frugal enough to have my savings account grow. According to Bloomberg Business nearly 1 in 4 Millenials have a substantial amount saved but still feel left behind (

 I  found an awesome website called Mortgage Calculators ( .

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This website has truly been helping me prepare to be a home owner. It is so useful and the interface is so easy to manage. I love their Minimum Income Calculator ( 

 It makes my limits clear on what I need to save in order to get my dream home. It makes my goals realistic and tangible. I truly encourage you to check it out. They have so many calculators that will help you meet your dreams of being a home owner.

  I think home ownership is such a honor and privilege to have, it's definitely a wonderful investment. Home ownership is the way to go for millennials.  Sadly, most millennials are not in a rush for home ownership as the rates of 53% percent of them cannot afford a down payment according to . 

We will be apart of the 47% who can afford a down payment on a home. But the change to make that happen must start today.

 What are your goals of leveling up this year? Remember, plan, save and don't give up. All things are possible with God and all things are possible if you just believe! Let me know !

- Stacie Cherill


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