Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nights Like This...

Are so epic.. It's 1AM

My mom is so cute and loves the Lord so much...she's writing a sermon. She's been up all night for the past two days, just absolutely LOVING spending time with the Lord, and writing whatever He lays on her heart. She's writing now. It's 1:44 AM. It's beautiful. We are just chilling on the couch. Well, we are both in our own worlds, but it is so beautiful.  

Ellie is sitting on her chair in her doggie bed. Just chillin. Wulp, nevermind, she just ran to the coac and couch jumped on and is now sitting on my left foot. I love her. 

I learned how to do a new hair routine, because the system I had going on was causing I just finished doing my hair and it's drying now...took 2 hours..but worth it. 

I have pistachios and coconut water.

My dad just left for work. He works so hard. I remember when he was bound by addiction, but know he is preaching the Gospel and helping others get set free by God's power.

I get in my mind alot. I get worried, I worry about what I will say to people, and I've been entertaining satan's lies. My prayer daily is I want God to put a fresh boldness in me. I don't want to worry about what people say about me, I want God to anoint the words of my mouth. 

I went outside. I couldn't see any thing too far ahead of me.. the cows were out there, but I couldn't see. 

I just started singing! Singing praise songs. Pouring out my heart to Christ. It was epic. So freeing. 

God is teaching me a lot in this time at being back home with my parents. Instead of believing satan (and society's) lie's that I'm failing, I know I am in God's perfect will and right where he wants me in this season.

And He's teaching me to cherish nights like this...

Because seasons change..

And it will be a memory one day. 

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