Monday, December 7, 2015

Constant Drip- By Barry Guilford Jr.

Got everything you need yet never satisfied. If you can see your situation thru God's compassionate eyes. He hears your wants while he hears another one's need. There is a thin line between necessity and greed. Why is what you have is never enough?
While you possess a half yet thirst for 1 cup. Let me inform you what a little child told me. That if you give me a half my God will bless thee. The way to truly receive is if you first give. But you are so selfish pondering than how will I live. Can you see that the poorest people on earth will always leave a tip. Until you practice this principle there will always be a constant drip.

"Constant Drip"
Barry Guilford Jr
Stacie thanks again and may this bless your blog and anybody who receive this poem.

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