Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Everyone was chatting. Some get together celebrating some event. You forgot what, but you know the punch is really good and the conversation, although not fruitful, is full of gossip. You see an old friend from high school. You reach out your hand to gesture a friendly wave but she's crying. Her tears are brimmed with tears.

Despair has gripped her. The spirit of despair.

She's holding a wet suit in her hands. Black and Blue with checker pieced like patterns on it. Something a surfer would wear in Hawaii.

He's Gone! He's Gone! He went out too far. It got him! The waves got him! The current took him!!”

She's not talking to you, but a crowd of onlookers have came to see what was going on. You step closer into the ring, and sense the grim changing atmosphere.

Then it all goes black.

All the lights turn off.

People start to scream.

You are levitating

You are off the ground. Floating.

You are turned sideways in the air and you start spinning and spinning and spinning at a fast pace. You have no control over the demonic tornado, the judgment that has whirl-winded into the once 'peaceful' get together.

You start to scream.

You know this is demonic warfare.

You know there's an evil presence. You try to close your eyes and scream, as if it would make it any better.

Remembering the times in 1st grade when you had tornado drills and the teacher made you 'duck-in-cover' under the flimsy four-legged desks or cubicles attached to the wall. Even then you use to think, 'how is this desk going to protect me from a tornado?' But in this moment, you needed something to cover you.

You try to reach for the table to get under it as covering. It was sturdy. But the whirlwind's current was making it hard to get under. You try but you can't get under the covering.

But nothing has hit you yet. It's usually the debris that kills people in tornadoes.

You see Krissy. Amidst the darkness, the screaming, and the dizziness and terror. She is on her feet. She is glowing. Krissy is standing firm. Krissy looks so peaceful. How? You think, Why is she not being spun violently around like the rest of us?

Krissy was anchored. Krissy's feet were firmly planted. Krissy was covered, as if an invisible force field was protecting her. Krissy was whispering, “Protect, them Lord.Protect them. Deliver them from this judgment.”

Krissy was Anchored.

Anchored in The Lord.

Are you?

"Plant the good seeds of righteousness and you will reap a crop of my love; plow the hard ground of your hearts, for now is the time to seek the Lord, that he may come and shower salvation upon you." wHosea 10:12

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