Thursday, January 19, 2017


The sky was glistening with  radiate cotton candy blossom of pink, gold, and purples; the sunrise.

Becky's eyeliner was smeared, outlining the renominates of her dried up tear streaks.

She didn't want to backslide, she didn't want to go to his house, but it's as if the foundation of her very being was slipped out from under her. All she stood on was taken out from under her in one kiss on her neck.

So STUPID! Becky screams at herself.

She's the only one at the bus stop, she's grateful for that. She does not want any of her classmates from Chemistry 103 to see her in this state. Or worse, her fellow comrades at Bulldogs for Christ.

As the bus arrived Becky made her way to the back of the bus, and put her hoodie on and inserted her earphones. She knew she should not be listening to the latest song “molly's poppin”, but I mean, she was just going to ride this backslide. She felt disgusting.

How could I disappoint God like this? All the soul ties I broke off with Chad? Just to go back?

All her Godly sorrow mixed with condemnation drove her into a slumber right there on that bus seat.

She opened her eyes, and she was standing in front of a marvelous castle, something she would see in a storybook, but only greater. It was gray and white, it looked like something of French ancient days. It was beautiful.

There were birds chirping, there was a waterfall and a beautiful fountain set amidst the background of the ocean just beyond the castle, glistening with the technicolor reflections of the sun.

Becky was marveling at everything her eyes and ears where taking in. She took a step and almost tripped. There was white, poofyness all under her. Huh? Her once black Converse shoes had become rose gold glitter ballet flats!There was a marvelous tulle skirt that replaced her jeans, it was white with gold studded jewels all about it. There was exquisite details of lace embroidered around it with the words: El Roi, El Shaddai and  Alpha and Omega.

Becky placed her hands on her neck and felt the smoothness of pearls. These did not feel like the pearls she bought from the mall for $5 last week, these felt luxurious. As she was marveling at the pearls, her left hand ring finger stunned her.

A 15 carat diamond encrusted ruby lay beautifully on her finger. It was huge, yet it fit her perfectly. Now, I know Chad didn't give me this?! The deep red tones were wonderfully exquisite.

Suddenly, Becky had the urge to touch her head. She felt a tiara. She tried to pull it off but it would not come off. It was if it was embedded in her head, and yet, it didn't hurt. Huh? Why won't this come off?

Becky ran amidst the beautiful orchids of roses, and orange trees, and fig trees, and all the beautiful landscape the encompassed the castle and ran to the fountain. She looked in the reflection of the water and she could see so clearly, a crown with the most exquisite of diamonds embedded in
the tiara. Normally, she would not have known the names of the precious stones, but she just knew the names of these 12 stones. Although she had never seen this tiara before she felt like she had it all her life. Jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, emerald, sardonxy, sardius, chrysoprase, jacinth and amethyst, crowned her head.

She also noticed for the first time in the reflection of the water a t-shirt. The t-shirt said 4 letters, simply yet ever so boldly and profoundly. Those four words laced across her chest in black had more power than a magnitude 10 earthquake. More than that; it was nothing the Richter Scale could calculate. This was on another scale.

"East 21st Street and Speedway!!!! MISS, EAST 21st STREET AND SPEEDWAY!!"

A frustrated yet gentle bus driver was in Becky's face. "This is my last stop mam, I'm not sure we're you're going but this is my last stop of the day."

"Oh, yes, sir. Thanks for waking me. This is fine! Thank you."

Becky grabbed her backpack, and fled off the bus. As she planted her feet on the ground she changed her Ipod to 'Closer' by William McDowell. She took a deep breath, and walked into the her dormitory's cafeteria.

Cereal and a fruit salad sounds delightful.

As Becky scanned the cafeteria for her fruit bowl, another sight was on her radar. A mascara stained face.

"Hey, could I sit with you?"

Both set of eyes looking hopeful.

The King's daughter is all glorious within; Her clothing is interwoven with gold. She will be led to the King in embroidered work;... Psalm 45:13

Holy Spirit, thank you for leading me to write this word to your people. So many days I felt disgusting, hating disappointing you, but yet you were right there to pick me up and hold me. Thank you for making me yours. And you are mine. I bind every spirit of fear and condemnation from the readers Lord. We know that we can come to you for repentance and that you are the God of new. You are so faithful and selfless and you are close to the brokenhearted and a bruised reed you will not crush. We severe every demonic soul ties and spirit of lust that wants to hold my sisters in bondage. You freed me from almost a decade of lust so I know you can free them. Thank you for being the God of a A Fresh Start. You are Mine. MINE. MINE. MINE. Says the Lord. MINE. MINE. MINE. Thank you for wrapping us in your arms. As I write this William McDowell's 'Closer' is playing.. Draw us closer Lord. Wrap us in your arms. May we never run away from you but go full force toward you. Consume us in your Holy Fire. May we get out of our mind, stop trying to hold on to baggage and fear, trying to figure it out on our own. And may we jump in your arms. You are our heart's desire. We long for you and only you. Lord Take us to that secret place. Make us like you. Thank you for making us your bride. Your precious bride. You fashion us with rubies and pearls. Thank you for making us your pearl of great price, that you gave everything for.precious blood,you gave everything for us. Thank you for making us the apple of your eye, thank you that we are so much more precious than rubies in your sight. Thank you for hearing our heart's cry. Lord thank you for flowing through me. Lord break me, keep me lowly and humble. May you be gloried through this website, may only YOU be lifted up. Lord may the Blood of The Holy Lamb that was slain for us go forth and minister to every soul who needs to read this message. May it not fall on deaf ears. Thank you for the gift of writing and ministering you gave to me. Thank you for the platform you gave me for your glory. May the readers uplift me in prayer. Thank you for Last Call Ministries. Strengthen and uplift and cover with your pinions my father, Prophet Arnold Dickson and Naomi Dickson as the set the foundation of ministry in me and as the minister and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ daily through the platform you gave them. Thank you for the crown you placed on our heads Lord. Let your daughters know that they are worthy. That you are constant and you are NEVER LEAVING THEM. May you be at the center of everything they they do. May prayer be the center of everything we do.

We exalt you Lord. You be glorified, Precious Jesus. We Adore you Addoni. We give you All That we have, All the We Are. All that I am. Thank you for drawing me to worship with a tape of the 48 hours of prayer with Brian Carn Ministries. Thank you for letting me be apart of that. Which activated the gifts within me. Bless him cover him .Anoint and protect William McDowell, thank you for the anointing on his life and protect it Lord. Thank you for letting this song 'Closer' minister to my soul. I love you Lord. We love you. Thank you for letting me speak to your children.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading,

Stacie Cherill Dickson  

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