Thursday, August 16, 2018

God Doesn't Lie..( if only i believed it)

I know God does not  lie
well, that's what i hear at church..
but riddle me this?
if God doesn't  lie
why am I so depressed all the time.
why are all my days stormy?
why did my parent's divorce?
why did nobody ask me to prom?
God said he was going to give me abundance of joy?
well i am NOT joyful...

Riley was so fed up with God
she looked at her self in the mirror loathing at the reflection looking back at her
being 16 sucked to her...
she spent her birthday all alone in her room with a tub of Ben & Jerry's
she wanted to live that perfect teen life she saw in all the movies
but this was far from it..

she knows God doesn't lie
but she just didn't believe it.
because He says he is a good good Father,
but he was feeling more like a step-dad to her now...

My darling,
don't you know I've always been right here for you?
sure, your classmates ignore you
but I can't get enough of you!
My thoughts for you are countless..endless
I know life has been hard
but did you ever stop to think that I was isolating you 
so you could get to know me?
that if you were popular, you would be out drinking right now
instead of yelling at me!
hey, i am okay with you yelling at me,
I want you to be honest with me.
I love you Riley,
never forget.
joy is me,
not a feeling.
love, Abba.

"...but ye shall be baptized with The Holy Ghost." Acts 11:16

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