Monday, October 15, 2018

Perfectly Perfect In His Eyes

It just blows my mind to know how much God loves me.
but to be honest, sometimes it's hard to believe it.

How could he love me?
wouldn't he want someone prettier
or with less acne?
or brighter skin? with no lisp..

but He made me perfectly.
He is so proud of me.
He loves me dearly.

When I see how proud my grandmother was of me, and my parents,
When I look at how my great grandparents adored me--
they didn't see my flaws or what I call 'imperfections'
All they saw was a perfect baby girl who made them Proud.
Who they were proud to call 'theirs.'

I was their baby girl.

Nothing or no one could compare to me.
I was such a loved child and I bask in that love.
Also I am so grateful for that love...immensely

Sometimes I can be so hard on myself--
quick to throw the labels of judgment that others put on me.
But I am fearfully, beautifully and wonderfully made.
Jesus made me in perfection,
I was knitted in Glory
and so were you.

If the world calls you ugly, know you are worthy.
If you feel stupid , know you are so smart.

If you feel left out know that God is right there with you--holding your hand.

Jesus will never forget you and he will never ever overlook you.
He died for you.
Rest in his joy.

Rest in his joy...forever...

Dear Abba,
Please help us to rest in your love. Destroy right now every spirit of low self-esteem off of us. Destroy every wrong label the world has placed on us. Help us to be all who you called us to be. May we feel your perfect love beam down on us. May you plaster us with your goodness and may we walk in the love and freedom that you gave us and never doubt how special and unique we are. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb." Pslam 139:13

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