Wednesday, October 10, 2018

THE Dairy Queen (Creative Story)

She felt so alone.
All of her peers where out having fun this spring break--trips to Cabo and parties.
What normal college kids do.
But she was not normal.

Most of the time she was happy that she wasn't normal.
She liked her quirky self--but today, she felt left out.

Here she was stuck in her hometown as she watched her old high school classmates flood into The Dairy Queen, where she worked. She was so embarrassed.

Here she was wearing a hat in the shape of a cow and all her classmates were looking tan and fit, back for a quick visit from their prestigious universities.

she felt lame. 

Riley could have gone to any university she wanted--she actually got accepted into her dream university-- The New York Art Institute, but her mom got cancer and she wanted to be there to take care of her.

Her mother was so appreciative of Riley's sacrifice--but she really didn't want Riley to give up on her dream. Riley knew she needed someone to drive her to chemo therapy and just to care for her during this hard journey. It was the sacrifice she was willing to make.

She didn't regret her decision one bit-- she loved serving her mother--but on days like this, she was reminded just how drastic her choice was.

Riley was voted 'Most Likely to Succeed', and here she was sweeping up a Dairy Queen at 20.

The bell over the door rung and in entered her high school (and maybe current crush) David Marsh. He was so beautiful to her. He was a star football player at high school and was super popular, but the best thing about him was that he noticed her. He was at Texas A&M now playing football. A true hometown hero.

Great, Riley thought. Now he is going to see me dressed up like a cow maid.

Riley tried to run to the back of the store to dodge him but she was too late.

"Riley!? Hey how are you?" His Hollister shirt and Texas A&M hat making him look like a model. He was smiling at her genuinely.

"Hey David, how are you? How is the football season going?" She could hardly look at him.

"It's going good. We fly next weekend to Oregon for a big game!"

She tried the flee from the small talk but before she could make her kind exit line he placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Look, I heard about your Mom getting cancer and you taking care of her. I know you were really smart and you gave up a lot."

Riley was shocked. How did he know?

He knew what she was thinking. "My sister works at the cancer hospital and your mother is always bragging about how great of a daughter you are to her. Word gets around."

She was blushing.

"That's really awesome you did that. I admire that."

"Thanks, David. That means a lot."

"I was wondering. Would you like to go on a date with me this Friday before I go back to college?"

Her mind was blown! Was this really happening!? She had been praying to God for a guy to come into her life, but she never knew that it would be him! Her dream guy for so long!

she was so excited but played it cool. "Yeah, sounds great!"

"Okay. I can meet you here at 8 and we'll go do something fun."

"Wait. What about Rylan? Are y'all still together?" Rylan was this beautiful blonde cheerleader that was always the popular 'it girl', but she was never really that nice.

"No. No offence to her, but her insides were not as lovely as yours are. You are beautiful all around. You are so selfless and kind. And the way you have sacrificed for your mother like that is just amazing. For real."

She was speechless. Mom was going to flip from excitement! God really was hearing all of Riley's prayers! God really did see her sacrifice! She couldn't wait to squeal like a school girl alone in her room tonight.
A Mother's Prayer (1 year ago)
Dear God,
My dear Riley has sacrificed so much for me.
She gave her life for me like you command us to do.
Like you did for us.
I know she still has a huge crush on David,
please, grant her the desires of her heart.
Let them go on a date.
In Jesus's name.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13


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