Wednesday, September 2, 2020

THE Dairy Queen (Part 2)- 'The Fashion Queen'

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels


      Riley was so excited for her date with Ryan. She ran home after work and stopped by the mall. Wow, she thought, I haven't been shopping in ages. It was true, she had been so busy with working and taking care of her mother that she didn't have time to shop. Riley felt welcomed in the store surrounded by cute mini tops and dresses, she felt at home. Riley had always had a passion for fashion. As a teen when everyone was out partying on Friday nights, she was studying the pages of British Vogue, reading fashion blogs and creating extensive and beautiful designs in her sketch book. Designing was truly her safe haven. The exquisite and creative designs she carefully matriculated on paper is where she poured her heart out.
Things were rough in her childhood ever since her dad was deported back to their home country. It was scary to see those officers raid their house as if her kind father was a criminal. He had only came to America for a new beginning, a glimmer of hope to have in life. But that dream was stolen all to soon. Drawing her designs gave her peace and was even a form a therapy for her.

   Riley walked toward the sales rack and found a purple flower dress. This will do, she thought, even though my designs are way better than this. Actually, Riley had made a custom pink sundress that was knee length and that flared out with tulle at the bottom. It was really gorgeous but she never wore it outside her bedroom before. For one, because she never really had anywhere to go other than work and the hospital and two, she was a little self conscious to be honest.

"Do you need any help? My name is Ashley."
A cute salesperson of Korean decent asked her.
"That dress would look really cute on you!"
Riley- "Ummm. I'm still deciding really. I have a date actually," she said shyly but full of glee.
Ashley-  "Ooh, what a lucky guy. I think he would be blown away by this dress."
Riley- "Well, actually, I'm a designer. I made a dress that looks way better than offense."
She continued to pull out her phone to show her the design.
Ashley- "Oh my gosh! this is beautiful! You HAVE to wear this dress! Wow and you're a designer? You should make an Instagram or YouTube channel marketing your looks. So many people would love to purchase your fashion." Ashley was really blown away at how beautiful her designs were.
Here is my number. I'm studying marketing at the community college part time, so this is kind of my jam. I would love to help you market your fashion online. This could be really big. I really wanted to go to The New York Fashion Institute, I was accepted actually, but money was pretty tight. So I started working at this store just to keep being around fashion.

Wow, Riley thought. Someone who had the same passion for fashion as her, who also had circumstances outside her control from keeping her from their shared dream school. They could really become a great team! Who knew that this date was more than just about getting her dream man, but about reaching her actual dream. She had thought about making social media pages showcasing her work, but she was to afraid to. She knew this was a sign to not fear but make the social media accounts she needed.

"I would love to work with you!" Riley excitedly proclaimed. "I'm so glad to have found someone in this town who shares the same passion as me. You know, sometimes people can look down on you because you didn't go to a fancy pansy school or that you are still living in your hometown. But it's so good to have someone that won't judge you but encourage you and ultimately see the real you." Ashley couldn't agree more. She was actually praying to God two weeks before to send her a friend that would have the same interests as her. Ashley wanted to hug Riley right there but she remembered she was still on her job and she would have to keep it professional.

This was going to be the start of something great... 

*3 Weeks Later *
The date with Ryan had been wonderful. He took her to a cute ice cream shop and then they went out dancing at this fancy salsa club. She had a blast. He loved her dress as well. He left to go back to college,  although they didn't want to put a label on their relationship just yet, both mutually agreeing to take it slow, they knew something great was forming.  Although Riley was so stoked about what was brewing in her love life, her true passion was her fashion. Ashley and Riley had both agreed to build an empire together! They were also planning a Christmas fashion show at the hospital for the patients. They were designing custom made dresses for each patient who wanted to participate. Riley's mom, who lived part time at the hospital for her chemotherapy treatments, was so proud of her daughter. She was even going to open the show off. It was such a welcoming feeling to dress up and feel 'pretty' again after losing her hair from chemo. This fashion show was going to remind everyone just how beautiful they have always been. 

Good things come to those who wait, and to those who serve others above their selves.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends. John 15:13

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