Friday, December 14, 2018

Fearfully Made [Creative Story]

Like daggers cutting her skin,
every word curse spoken against her was aching.
Deep within her soul she was breaking.
she just wanted to feel whole--to feel loved.

If she was beautiful, why did her boyfriend leave her?
is she was so special, how come she didn't get into her dream college?
and if she was so loved, how come her father abandoned her as a child?

These questions haunted her and she could barely look at herself in the mirror.
Shame was trying to grip her, to master her--but she was trying to fight back,
even if she only had a little strength left.

Why was her nose so big?
Why was her stomach too fat?
Why didn't she have hazel eyes like her sister?
These questions swirled & tormented her.

She was about to sulk into a fit of tears when she heard the bathroom door open,
it was her little brother Jason.
Before she could scream at him to get out, her brother looked at her with love and said,

"You look really pretty today, Kate."

she was stunned. He had never said that before. With a smile she responded back, "Thanks Lil Bro. You're pretty cute yourself."

He left the bathroom and Kate was so amazed at what happened. God did care about her. That word of encouragement blossomed her and was exactly what she needed to hear.

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