Friday, December 28, 2018

Never Alone

Seeing my mom get the injections in her neck & forehead to help ease the pain in her body was hard
I love her so much and I hate seeing her in pain.
The injections hurt her.
But I know it was going to make her pain better.
I got to hold her hand and she was so grateful.
Even though I couldn't take the pain away, I could be there with her.
All day she has been saying what a good daughter I am,
but still, satan tries to attack me by saying I'm a bad daughter.

So please remember,
satan is always going to attack your identity.
If you are good at math, he will say you suck. If you love your husband, he'll say you're a bad wife. If you have big dreams he will tell you they won't come true.

He is a liar and a loser and he cannot be trusted. Don't believe anything he says.

Sometimes you have to go through pain to get relief
sometimes your blessing is at the end of the trial.
so no matter how hard things are for you right now,

& always remember, if you can't take somebody's pain away, just be there for them, holding their hand and loving them. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are not alone.

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