Wednesday, January 2, 2019

GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOU (Happy New Year's)

I just want to say Happy 2019.
I am so glad that you read my blog and I want you to know that I am so grateful for you.
Thank you for being here.

I had a great New Year's Day spending time with my family. Although my dear grandmother isn't on this earth to see 2019, I know she is in heaven. I want you to know that God sees your heartbreak and He is there for you.

Let's choose life this year. Let's choose love. God has a plan for your life, I'm sure of it. Seek Him with all of your heart, all of your life and all of your soul. Jesus loves you and He will NEVER leave or forsake you. I'm sure of it.

So you are never alone. Never.

If you have any blog posts that you want to see in 2019, comment down below or email me at . I want to here your suggestions.

God bless!

Lord, you are so amazing. We couldn't have made it to 2019 without you. Lord, rid us of anything that is not like you. Make us to hear joy and peace, gladness and love. May we seek you with every fiber of our beings and may our relationship with you be so close. In Jesus' name, Amen!

Throwback Picture from Blog.. Wow 3 years Ago! God is Good

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