Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Breaking Point [Creative Story]

she was tired of running from God,
working at this club was not what she had in mind for her life.
The skimpy outfits, the dirty dancing, and the creepy older men she had to perform for.

She couldn't tell you how she ended up here,
it seemed to happen so fast.
She moved from home to the big city, she was caught up in the fast life, the glamorous  life.
Her new friends had all the newest clothes, newest cars, they seemed to have it all.
and she wanted a taste of it.
But now she was realizing that she bought a lie.
A hard cold stupid lie.

This world wasn't glamorous,
sure she could bring home an easy $2,000 a week,

and for a 19 year old girl, that was a lot to her.
But was it worth her self worth? Her soul?

When she got home that night she scrolled through her iPhone.
She felt so used, she didn't even recognize who she was anymore
She wanted to be a doctor, how did she end up here?

As she went through her contacts the name, 'Ashley' popped up.
She wanted to call but she was too scared.
Ashley was her friend from back home, her best friend. Well ex-best friend that is.
Ashley was so loyal and really loved God,
but she had cut her off when she got these new more 'cooler' friends.

Now she felt bad for ignoring her calls and changing who she was,
because she really wanted to talk to her right about now.

She just couldn't do it, she knew she had hurt her old friend too much.
How could she forgive her?

30 minutes later, she got a text.

Ashley: "hey, just checking on you to see if you were ok. God told me to pray for you."

Wow. God really will never leave or forsake her.She was so excited to talk to her friend and let healing begin.
"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins." 1 Peter 4:8

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