Monday, January 14, 2019

Don't Be Obsessed with your Looks

When you focus your heart on Jesus there is so much life and peace
Only Jesus can satisfy you and only Jesus can make you whole
As I just turned 25 years old,
worry and fear started to creep in
looking older, losing my hair, getting wrinkles...
How ridiculous! I will not give into vanity but I will enjoy my life wholeheartedly.

As a teenager I spent most my time worrying about losing weight
instead of having fun as a kid,
and looking back, I was a beautiful weight and I was the most athletic then since I was a cheerleader

Life is a blessing,
Don't give into the lust of vanity
it is vain and it will rob you of your peace
Don't let satan steal from you any longer

Enjoy life
live free
enjoy getting older
Thank God for the creaking in your bones
Thank God for the wrinkles and gray hair
Thank God in the midst of it all
Aging is a blessing
and He will guide you through it.
He is your joy, He is your strength. He has you

God's got you. 

Dear Lord,
You are so perfect. Overflood us with self-confidence so that we love ourselves because you first loved us. May we truly walk in the fact that you created us perfect in your image. May we not conform to the pattern of this world, but trust you with all our hearts and minds. Set us free from bondage. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Accept Who God Made You to Be

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