Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Letter of Surrender (Be Still My Soul)


 My dearest Daddy. This week I will chose to rest in you. You have told me what to do so I will trust you. You are all I need my Prince of Peace. I have a tendency to want to control things, people, events, you, and that is the curse of Eve--and it stems from fear.

It's like since people have failed me in my life, hurt me, or haven't pulled through for me, I believe in return that you won't. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR.

     I know the warfare will be great, massive, against me as I try to press into you. But guess what? I serve The Mighty God who controls every aspect of this universe-- good and evil! Isn't that epic! Evil can only happen if you allow it to. #EPIC

    I get worried a lot and I need help in surrendering some times-- please help me to rest in the boat. You have me covered and you have me protected, I don't have to fear anything. My times are in your hands. I'm covered in your precious blood and mighty warring angels are already dispatched on my behalf. So All I have to do is abide in your Holy Spirit, rest, and give up control by surrendering. My flesh and fear is telling me the lie that if I don't 'war' enough, fight enough, plot enough, worry enough, that my life will be destroyed by demons.

  God is NOT a man that he should lie. The prayers of the righteous availeth much. It is such a challenge because I 'feel' like I should be doing this, praying that, work, work, work to make your hand move. When you're like, Daughter you have already moved my heart. My son has already died for your freedom. I heard and am implementing your prayers. I need you to:
Surrender all control
and just ride on my boat in peace.

Calamity and Storms all around, but rest, don't be shaken, worried or let fear get in.

Remember who controls the air, wind, sea, and your life.

Remember me. 

But I have calmed and quieted my soul—
like a weaned child with his mother,
like a weaned child is my soul within me.

Pslam 131 :2 

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