Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Away in The Ocean


    I sit at your feet Abba, ready to love and learn in your presence. May I not rush you, Abba. Take how ever long you want.

Mark 3:7
"Jesus withdrew to the sea with his disciples."

Abba, I would love to withdraw with you to the sea. Thank you for all the beach dates we have had together. 

Abba, thank you for desiring me to come into you and find rest in your bosom.

"And he went up on the mountain and summoned those whom He himself wanted, and they came to Him." 

      May this reader come to you Oh Lord, thank you for summoning them. May they live on your mountain resting and basking in your constant love.

Thank you for wanting us with you. You are so perfect and holy.

He has appointed us so that we would be with him and that you would send us to preach!
Abba, not my will but yours, wherever you send us Abba. Be it unto me. I release every fear and worry. I am not afraid. 


*Thanks for reading. Love, Stacie* 


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