Tuesday, May 21, 2019

My Prayer for You (YOUR BEST YEAR YET!)

Photo by Kelsey Johnson from Pexels

My Dearest Abba,

     May this reader have a beautiful and respectful an earnest  fear of The Lord. Let them trust you and acknowledge you in all their ways. Allow them to live counter culture to the world and to put you first in all that they do. Allow them not to waiver in their faith when they get hurt by this world, they will walk by faith and not by sight. They will continuously stand on your promises. We cast out every faith stealing evil from their life that wants to steal their belief in you. May they take every thought captive!

     This dear soul will be a soul winner for Christ! They are a warrior in your army and is about your business. They will not be shaken and will stand as a graceful oak for your glory.

     Lord, fill this person up with an unexplainable supernatural joy, a joy that surpasses all human understanding. A joy that they won't be able to explain. A joy that they have never felt before. A joy that is constant,  a joy that does not depend on circumstances. A joy that cannot be stolen from them. Show them your grace and mercy today.

     Like Daniel, may they have a set routine of worshiping you Lord that comes easily to them. May they run eagerly  to your throne room. They ask humbly for your help and guidance. Let them count it all as loss in order to follow you and forsake everything else. Lead them into boldness like Daniel. May they be willing to put their life on the line for you, no matter the cost. Give them friends that love you and will keep them accountable. And when there are no humans around, be that friend that sticks closer than a brother. Plan their day Lord, and let it all be for your glory. Allow their future spouse to pursue them as the royalty they are. May they be so hidden in you that they have to go through YOU to find them. Any anger that evil is trying to infiltrate illegally in their life we rebuke it in your mighty name.

     Your child is loyal to their heavenly Father and will serve you faithfully regardless of the circumstances or consequences.

In times of trouble, they will look to GOD as their source of strength.

In Jesus's mighty name,

**Sincerely, Stacie***

"He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly moved." Psalms 62:2

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