Friday, February 28, 2020

Be Yourself, Not Everybody Else

  Why do you want to be a copycat when you are born to be an original?  Look my mom is an identical twin and even she is completely different from my aunt. They have two distinct personalities, and callings even if they look similar. Stop trying to be like your favorite celebrity – Be You! You are your own star and God has called you to shine – and shine bright. See, most the times celebrities are shining  for themselves anyways, but you are different, you will shine for the glory of Jesus Christ.
You are unstoppable and the power that is in you is undeniable. Your eyes are perfect, your lips, hair and skin, because God made you perfect.  You don’t need the fashion industry to tell you your worth.

    Just take your fingerprint for instants,  isn’t it so awesome that nobody in the entire universe has the same as you? You are your own brand, you are your own flavor. Be yourself. Live original like my girl Sadie Rob says. If God wanted your hair longer or different color it would have been. If he wanted you to have green eyes it would’ve been. If He wanted you to be born to rich parents, it would’ve happened that way. Stop looking at what you don’t have and start embracing all that God has given  you. Nobody can sing like you can. Nobody looks like you. Nobody can cook like you. Nobody can produce the children that you can. Nobody can do the job like you can. I’m here to tell you that you’re one in 1 in a million baby! Embrace who God made you.

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