Wednesday, February 26, 2020

When Life Is Falling Apart

  Life can be so hard sometimes, trust me I know. It seems like the good ones always go through the much turmoil & trouble – you just wanna break, you know? I mean you are a good person. You pay your tithes, give to the poor, you are kind, you trust God, so it’s like, WTF God? I know, I used the acronym WTF and God in the same sentence. But can I be honest with you? It’s time to get real! We need to be real and raw with God. Trust me, he can handle it. Scream at him, tell him your dark secrets, throw stuff around, tell him that you feel he’s unfair. Then after you got all those emotions out just sit in his presence  and watch his love overwhelm you.

    You are not going to scare him off or turn God off by doing this. Look at Job, he laid his emotions on the line with God and still God deemed him as just and righteous. Some of my most realist moments with God came from me being raw and uncensored with him. You see, when you are deep and intimate with somebody these healing sessions can happen freely. God wants a friend, not just another person with the label of “ Christian”. Trust me, all is working out for your good right now. You may not see it or know it but trust me it is happening . God is not an accidental God, but he is one of divine love and purpose. Dare to trust Him.

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