Monday, March 2, 2020

When The Tears Keep Falling

    I know you want a great  break, the tears keep falling and it’s like there’s nothing that can stop it. You feel alone, isolated, not good enough and downright stupid. But I’m here to tell you that those are all lies. You’re beautiful, special and your opinion matters. God hears all your prayers and everyone of your request and all your cries. You are not alone even though it feels like it. Are you ready to dig deep?
I know you feel like crap, the S word even if we can be real and raw. But let me tell you that’s when you strike God, you strike gold. The scripture tells us that in our weakness he is strong. So this is truly the time in your life that God can get the glory.

    This is truly the time that God can be God in your life. You see, we as humans love doing things in our own strength. We are self-sufficient, independent, like things on our own terms and our time and we don’t want to ask for help. But with God, he wants us to be so desperately dependent on him because he knows that it’s natural for us to want to live life without him. It’s not that he inflicts pain on us because he is some cynical and  diabolical evil mastermind. No – he just wants us close to him. Sometimes at rock bottom, when there is silence and no distractions, can we hear God and sense his presence. Time to get on your knees and cry out ‘Abba Father’. Don’t be afraid of that dark place,  so God’s love can flood in.

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