Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Fame & Riches Won’t Make You Happy

Drugs sex and rock ‘n’ roll. That’s supposed to be the American dream huh? But I believe God has bigger and better plans for us. Why do most people want to be famous? We want  the world to see us as valuable and important. Nowadays it’s so easy for anyone to get famous.
We have
 Instagram, YouTube and TikTok  you could have the whole world eating out of the palm of your hand if you truly wanted to. I’m here to tell you that the world is selfish and greedy. It will chew you out and move onto the next shiny new thing. Fame is fleeting, but a relationship with Christ is  forever. God knows you fully and loves you wholly.

You are already accepted in the beloved. There’s nothing that you have to do to earn his love. Can we be real? I’m sure it’s a great feeling to have people drool over you and want to be you. We all want people to be envious of our lives sometimes . But as Christians, we know that our life is not our own – we were bought with a price and we live to make his name famous. I used to always want to be famous. I’ve always had a love for entertaining people and the arts ever since I was a little girl , which was God given. But the Lord had tto humble me in many ways .  He cannot use us if we want to be the idol of our lives.

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