Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Don't Fear The Future

   The future can be scary, daunting and downright frighting. Sometimes the future can be awesome to look forward too. The promise of marriage, children, new jobs and technologies. That's why I love precipices so much and even getting on Wikipedia to see what the world could be like in the year 10,000. Funny, I know but it's fun. The older I have gotten sometimes I fear the future. What new disasters will happen? Who will die next that I love? Will I get sick? Is the world going to end?
Will I go broke? Or will the coronavirus kill us all. I know, I'm spiraling, but I just want to be real with you about my feelings. But I am comforted with that fact that Jesus will never leave me.

   Not only is Jesus the future, He owns it. Time and space is in His hands. We have nothing to fear. All we need to do is laugh at the future and smile at it. No matter what we go through, as Believers we know that death, even the end of the world, pushes us to our Bridegroom, the love of our life, Jesus Christ. We are supposed to have hope and peace about the future. If we really trust that God is our Abba, our Daddy, and not some evil dictator, then only then can we rest and find peace in who He is. He will never leave or forsake us and there is nothing that can ever separate us from His love. No terror attack, no natural disaster, nothing. Rest in the one who holds you and the future.

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