Thursday, March 5, 2020

I Dare You To Trust God

   Let go. God has such big plans for you, but you have to trust him. He needs you to let go completely. It’s like falling backwards off a cliff not knowing what’s to come. Who will catch you?  But God will never let something bad happen to us. Even at our lowest, he is right there carrying us to victory. Your pain has an ending, there is a story to it.
There’s a purpose in your suffering – I promise. God will never leave us, he won’t put more on us than we can handle. Just like working out it hurts and sucks but you are growing and getting stronger every time. Your body needs it even if you don’t think it does.

   Fight the good fight of faith. You’re  God’s strong soldier and he will not let you down. If God put you through it, he will see you through it. Every heartache, pain and hurt is adding to your testimony. God is making your name great for his glory. Now you’ll be able to minister to a wide variety of people because of what you had to endure. Your testimony is your saving grace. Let God be God in your life and get all the glory. You are one in 1 million. You are strong. You are powerful. Let go. Trust in God. Trust in yourself.

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