Friday, March 6, 2020

God Is Going To Fight Your Battles

  Let your guard down and allow God to fight for you. Put on the whole armor of God and not your own defense mechanisms. I know, it’s always as if life is going good for a while, then BOOM,  out of no where something absolutely terrible happens. But what if I told you that God, the Almighty and omniscient one, it’s not surprised at the things that happen in your life. Find comfort in this, if he’s allowing it to happen he must have a purpose for it.
God is your defender and he’s got your back.
No harm will come to you because he is fighting on your behalf. He has lesions of angel armies ready to protect and defend you at any time.

     Look at Jesus on the cross, they were mocking him and he was experiencing the greatest pain in the universe. He could’ve called on God and angels would have came and delivered him from that cross. But Jesus did not want that because he knew what great things would come from his great sacrifice on the cross.

    He was thinking about you and me, and countless of generations to come. That’s how you must think. Do you want God to use you greatly? You want to experience wonderful things, but can you handle the haters and the high-ranking demons you will encounter when you get there? Can you mentally handle the blessings that you are praying for ? Can you handle the responsibility? When we fight that is when we are strong. Fight back with God’s strength. Use the power that he gifted us.

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