Saturday, March 7, 2020

The Devil Will Not Win

Satan will not win. Repeat it again, satan will not win! If he is fighting you right now you must be doing something right. You gave your all to God, you submit to him, so what are you worried about? Keep pushing and keep pressing. This is the big leagues, the Super Bowl, the NBA finals, the World Cup, so the opposition (your opponents) you face will be tough, but that means all your training has paid off. You are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses that are cheering you on. Jonah, David, Paul, they are all cheering you on as if your life is a sports arena and you are Kobe going in for the dunk. I believe even your family members who die in Christ can witness all your Christ victories from heaven in life.

   We are on the winning team because Jesus has already won the victory for us. So It doesn’t depend on how skilled, beautiful, smart or talented we are, but on who’s name is on our jersey. Thank God we’re reppin’ Jesus Christ. So Satan may taunt you, reject you and make you feel belittled, but that’s OK, you don’t need validation from that stupid fallen angel anyways. Keep your head held high, and scriptures on your mind, and the praise of God on your tongue. We are on the winning team. Say it with me , “I’m on the winning team!”  Just  think over your life and all the bad things you’ve been through and every time that God has delivered you from the turmoil of that. He’s always there for you, every day.

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