Sunday, March 8, 2020

How To Prosper & Succeed God’s Way

When you give your plans to God it’s that’s the only time they can succeed. True success comes from a posture of surrender. The world says, ‘grind go hard go faster and longer do whatever it takes to succeed’ no matter who’s feelings you hurt or who you have to step on to get there. You’ve got to be the man and the Wolf of Wall Street a bad B. I mean, the world is telling us to be a woman who eats men alive but at the same time have them drooling over us. And the men are told to not trust women but to have sex with as many as you can. To fit into a narrow body construct and get plastic surgery to fix what you don’t have.  Look, I’m not against changing your body  if it will make you more confident, but it should come from your own terms and not what the world is telling you to do.  

You should also love yourself fully because the new boobs, a new nose, a bigger butt, that girl, or man , nothing will be able to make you happy if you were not content with yourself. I know, I’ve been at places literally on top of the world in foreign countries, living a dream life – and yet, in spite of it all, I was so miserable and lonely. I prayed and worked hard for certain dreams and when I got them I was not satisfied. Surrender your plans to God and dare to do things his way, it’s better to be a friend of God then a friend of the world.

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