Thursday, March 12, 2020

Say No to Fear

  God has given us the best gift ever- the power of His blood and His security. Right now you have an angel assigned to your life that is protecting you and making sure your life goes smoothly and safely. Sometimes we don’t even know what all God has protected us from,  but we will be grateful. You are so special and you don’t have to fear anything.
I know you are laid up at night with anxiety, but do not fear. I know you don’t know how you will pay the bills this month,  but do not fear. You have a child in prison and you don’t know if they will ever come home, but don’t not fear.

   Right now, God is holding your hand. Never has He ever left you alone, and never will He ever. Stay confident because on the solid rock of Christ you will stand. When you feel the walls caving in, just take a deep breath, read the word of God, and call out the name of Jesus in your head. Jesus is our bridegroom. He takes care of us.

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