Friday, March 13, 2020

Something out of Nothing

  You might think that you’re not enough. But what if I told you that God can work with what you got ! You don’t need anything extra and you don’t need to do better. Stop trying to fix yourself and just be accepted in the beloved!
Leave the fixing to God. Let him take you on the designated journey that He has ordained for you. You want your life to be perfect and you want your path to be clear, but the roadblocks are what make us stronger and allow us to lean on His strength and not our own.

  God doesn’t need our help to make a miracle and He sure doesn’t need much, he is notorious for making something out of nothing. Many times I thought that I was unworthy for His goodness or that I messed up to many times to count. But God is unlike man, His mercy is never ending and His love knows no bounds.

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