Thursday, April 2, 2020

It's For Forever


What God has promised you will come to pass. All you have to do is just wait on The Lord, give him your whole heart, and submit to him fully. I love the relationship that David had with God. It was so open and transparent and it inspired me.
God trusted David enough to show him that his son would be King and that He would be with him. He even let David know when He was going to die, and He had so much peace.
Wow, I long for that. Not saying that I want to know when I'm going to die, but to have such peace in your life that you know for sure that God is directing every step you take. We have that assurance now in Jesus.

   If you have had the privilege to ask Jesus to live in your heart and forgive you for your sins, He is living right now in you. Sit still if even for a moment, to hear his voice. He wants to know you more and more each day. Like seriously, He knows the beginning from the end, so why wouldn't you want to ask him for directions? We are so limited in our thinking and knowledge. Sometimes we only know what Google tells us or humans. Why would you listen to a mere human instead of an Almighty God?  I know, It seems so easy on paper but it can be so hard to give God full control. It's like we really don't trust that He is working everything out for our good because sometimes we are just so use to things being so bad in our life. You can have confidence and trust that God IS working out everything for your good.

                                                           ***Praise & Worship**

My Holy King, you are so perfect and holy. You are the untouchable one and yet you are so close. I love you forever. I wanna feel you so close. To know your heart, to live in your mind. To know your ways and to live by your standards. You are my hope and you are my song. I belong to you, I belong to you. You are a sovereign God, you are a perfect God and you are everything I could ever dream of.

My God, I worship you, I want all of you. You are perfect God, absolutely perfect
Wherever I go, you are all I need, my perfect God, absolutely perfect.
The waves are blown by you, the currents are yours too, oh God how perfect you are
When things come crashing on me, I know you are holding on to me
My God to you will I sing my Song
Forever Lord, I need forever with you Lord
Forever Lord, I need forever
Forever Lord, I want forever with you Lord
May your sovereign Hand lead me Lord

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