Tuesday, March 31, 2020

No Matter What


 I'm going to be honest you guys, sometimes I can get so overwhelmed and absolutely frustrated. It can seem as if everything is going good then you are hit with bad. You just want some peace you know? But guess what, God is still in control no matter what is happening around us. I'm reminded of the story of Abraham, He wanted a son, and even though it took decades to happen, God still came through with his promise.
And it seems as if he messed up God's perfect plan with Ishmael. I personally believe God allowed that to happen to show that no matter how much we think we messed up 'God's plan', we can't. We do not have that much power. It is truly refreshing to me , that I don't have to fear messing up God's plan. Of course we have to walk in obedience to what He's telling you to do, but He will pick up any pieces that we are lacking.

So today, whatever is going on in your life, just relax and continue to trust in God--He will see you through. He is the alpha and omega.

                                                          **Praise & Worship**
God, you are so powerful and wonderful. No matter what is going on around us, you are sovereign and you calm the storm. You are so strong and beautiful and never have I known a peace so kind and sweet. You are everything Abba, just kind and perfect. If I had ten thousand tongues I could never thank you enough, and I stand confident in your love. You are supreme, you are perfect.

Sovereign Lord, I just want to know you more
Deeper than ever before-- take me where you want
Lord I need you more-- deeper than ever before
God I love you, I want to know you, give me strength to love you more
God I serve you, I really love you, give me the strength to love you more
Abba I belong to you, Abba do what you want to do
break me to rebuild me, Jesus I belong to you
All I need is you, you're all I need my King
I belong forever to you
I belong totally to you


  1. Thank you for this post. Beautiful writing piece, that is needed to uplift Gods people.


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