Friday, March 27, 2020

Don’t Worry

She was so stressed. Everything was not going right. She was engaged to a wonderful man, but their dream wedding and life seemed to be crashing before her eyes. How could God do this? she thought to herself. She had put all her trust in God, obeyed all his rules, and yet the man of her dreams, the man that He promised her was lying desperately sick in his hospital bed. This is not how she saw their story ending.

But then she remembered that God is a promise keeper. He is a good good Father who will never let us down. He is worthy to be trusted and she knew that deep within herself. What if God picked her just for a time like this, just like Esther. She didn’t have to worry about anything because God knew what was up ahead.

** Praise & Worship*

Thank you for being a faithful God. Thank you for being worthy to be praised. You are so beautiful and wonderful .You saw me in my darkest times and carried me through and every good and perfect gift I have comes straight from you. Glorious God, beautiful God, righteous God. I live to serve you and only you. My perfect King you are my everything.

WayMaker, I trust in you. Sovereign Father, you are who I crave
No one as perfect as you Jesus, you’re my heart, you’re the way
Lead me in your perfect will, lead me precious God
You are everything I need and more, I praise you for who you are
You put breath in my body & a song on my tongue
Yes Jesus, you’re the only one

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