Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Knowing Where You Belong


In today's world, it is imperative that you trust in The Lord with all your heart. God is your sustainer and He is your redeemer, you can always trust in Him.The waves of life bellow and growl, but right when you are swept under and you feel like you are going to drown, He gives you goggles so you can see the magnificent sea life that awaits under you.
He breathes his precious air in your lungs and gives you the breath of life--you are given the gift of a new perspective. A lot of the times we pray for God to get us out of a situation that we deem as bad or detrimental but in reality the very place He has us at is a place of goodness and promise. You may have prayed for something and you got that exactly but you are still waiting on another promise to happen. You may find yourself depressed and sad, I mean you got the pregnancy you prayed for but you are still in that ran down house. It's a bittersweet reality.

     But what if you are exactly where you need to be? What if God knows that the ran down house that you are in will be the perfect neighborhood to raise your new child? What if He knew it was best if ya'll live mortgage free because in a few years He knew a job loss would come. God is sovereign and he is not punishing you--but protecting you. Just put your goggles on and embrace all the beauty and perfection that surrounds you.

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