Friday, April 10, 2020

Through The Good & Bad

Today is Good Friday and I want to reflect on the great sacrifices of our King. Jesus choose to save us from ourselves, He gave up his crown for us. There will never be a greater sacrifice than the one that Christ made for you and me. So you may be going through so many bad things in your life right now-- the world is at a standstill as I speak and sometimes it truly gets so overwhelming. But please know that God is working everything for your good.
Your life's plan will unfold just as He intended. You might be looking at your life like it's not worth living, but it is. You are so valuable to God and if He didn't have a plan for your life He wouldn't have taken the time out of his sovereign schedule to create you.

  God can truly work more power in the bad times in our lives because that's truly when He is made strong. He always has our back and nothing can separate us from his love. You are like clay. He is molding you and making you to who He intended you to be before the beginning of time.  All you have to do is let go and trust Him.

                                                       *** Praise & Worship**
God you are absolutely perfect King, there is no one on your level King. You are one of a kind and there will never be another. I've never seen anyone so perfect as you. Your kingdom will be forever and your reign forever. I just want be with you forever and make you happy King.

Forever King, Perfect Prince-- I want to be in your arms forever
No one can take your place, you are amazing God
All my love belongs to you King, You are perfect and I love you
You can try me in the fire and I'll always come out loving you
I just want to spend my entire existence with you
It could never get better than you
No one can ever compare you to King
You are beautiful King, So beautiful King
I love You forever
I love You forever

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