Thursday, November 21, 2019

A GREAT CALL (How to fulfill your purpose)

You were born to fulfill destiny
You have a mighty purpose over your life
I know you might think that you are worthless
but that is a LIE

Like Moses, your life has a huge calling
but it is up to you to seek God to find out what that calling is
Stay in this weekend
push away your plate
fast from secular music...whatever it is that YOU need to do to hear God's voice clearly
Do it! It will totally be worth it
Ignore the warfare and the naysayers--YOU MUST BE ABOUT ABBA'S BUSINESS
The world and future generations are depending on you!
If you weren't a threat you wouldn't be a target
Keep pushing, God's got your back!!

"Now a man of the tribe of Levi married a Levite woman, and she became pregnant and gave birth to a son." Exodus 2:1

WATCH THIS(If you need encouragement) 

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