Monday, March 16, 2020

The Least Of All

Photo by Juliana Stein from Pexels

She felt alone, overlooked
she wasn't the prettiest to the world
but Her Father thought she was the most beautiful
acne scars covered her face and her teeth were crooked
she hid from the world. She kept her head down at work
and only talked when she was spoken to.

This was no way to live. 
But she had lived this way for so long, she didn't know any other attitude.

But one day God sent an angel to tell her
that she was beautiful. That God made her to shine and not to hide
she didn't have to dim her light because she didn't have a model body
and a perfectly face tuned face. She was beautiful just the way she was.
It took her a hard time to believe that God cared about her so much
that He would send an angel to tell her that.
She felt so special, just like Mary.

The next day as she got ready for work she put on pretty pink lipstick &
a cute business casual dress and some pretty red shoes that had been hid in her closet.
She didn't know what to expect at work, or how people would react to her new look,
but she was done being a wallflower with low self esteem. She wanted to live her life to the fullest!

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