Friday, March 20, 2020

The Power or Not Giving Up

Being hit hard is so painful. Look at the world right now, utter chaos and pandemonium, but we must trust in The God who has the power to sustain us. God has never fallen off his throne and He never will. He is all knowing and all powerful, please trust in Him. You might be getting sick right now, or laid off of your job, or not knowing how to buy groceries for your family. But please know and trust that God Almighty is in control.
He will never leave or forsake you I promise. In the midst of the storm do we learn and trust where our help comes from, The Lord. So many times I wanted to give up- the pressures of life seemed Insurmountable and Unsustainable, but by God’s Grace alone He picked me up and found me worthy to sustain. He will do the same for you, please trust Him.

Though the hills may crumble and the world may shake, continue to trust in The Lord thy God. He will never leave you.

***** Praise & Worship ******

Dear God you are sovereign, you are beautiful and you are mighty. There is no king like you. You are perfect and worthy to be praised and I freely give you all the adoration you are duly owed. Precious King, beautiful bridegroom, I honor you with everything I am and everything I will ever be. I lay my life at your feet and surrender my life and heart to you. You are the love of my life, the love of my life .
Beautiful and strong is what you are, King of Kings you brought me so far
I surrender my all to you and give you all of me
Alpha and Omega I give you everything
Beautiful King, how I love thee
Oh Beautiful King, I rest and wait for thee
My Bridegroom and my heart
You’ve been there from the start
I love you forever, yes I do

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